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Dawn Jones and Wand of Light stand for just that, the magical light that we all have access to on this planet. A recent activation, anchoring scores and scores of new light energy on the planet has been quite jarring for most.  Many lightworkers have been waiting for this for a very long time.  We are all being forcefully propelled into the light thus causing much turmoil.  A sort of cleaning house is taking place and has been taking place for some time. 

Since April 13, 2002, we have never been more accountable for our actions. We all must take a conscious stand for either darkness or hold firmly in the light.  The universe is doing a cosmic cleansing, trying to balance all of man's wrongs since the beginning of time.

However, this is also a time to be quite optimistic.  If you are ready to explore your path, and what role you play, you have come to the right place. Peace, love, prosperity, and all the wondrous experiences on this planet are well worth the conscious effort.  

Many lightworkers are tired and have been trying to bring as many people as possible to a space of truth and hope, not always an easy task.  If you do not know what this means, watch the movie "The Green Mile" with Tom Hanks.  

Dawn Jones and Wand of Light have been assisting people in this manner for over two decades.  Dawn is not only dedicated to educating others about universal law, karma, energy fields in the body and how trapped energy affects us in our daily life, but she also plays a powerful role is helping others discover their life's work. 

Dawn does this in a variety of ways:  

1)    Free Consultation

2)  One-on-one Healing Sessions

3)   6-week Teleconference Workshop

4)    Seminars

5)  Light Healing Circle 

Dawn is an incredible seer with amazing results.  For an appointment contact us at appointments@dawnjones.us or call (760) 942-6231.  We urge you to read some of the Testimonials in the Healing Center portion of this web site.  

If you have the right tools, anything is possible.  The days ahead will be turbulent for many.  If you are ready to stand in the brilliance of God's love and make a stand for truth and peace, the world is your wand.  Trust plays an enormous role in the days ahead.  This means trusting yourself to be guided down the right transformational path and trusting that the right people will appear in your world should you need assistance.

This does not mean that there will not be a few bumps and bruises along the way.  In order to grow we sometimes must be willing to look in the mirror and see the good and not so good in ourselves.  Not always an easy thing to do.

Dawn Jones and her wand of light can assist you through this transitional phase, walking you through the door of illusion and into the brilliant light of the New World order, a world of love and light, a world of non-judgment.  Rebuilding God's true plan for this planet or as the Bible says, "as is above, so is below", is no easy task but well worth the journey.

We are entering a time where our illusion of time and perceptions of the past, are being altered.  A time where our beliefs about ourselves, and others will be tested to the fullest extent.

We have no choice but to embrace our tests, learn from them, and move forward.  We must move forward in order to create a world we can truly be proud of, a world without deceit and pettiness.  A world where all cards are on the table. This is not to say that there is not a lot of good in the world, there is. However, at this time, we should be taking integrity, trust, passion, love and light to the next higher level.  

This reality will not be given to you, it will be earned.  It can only be earned by working through the pain of past realities, educating ourselves where needed and consciously designing your world the way you have always envisioned it, tapping into our intuition and trusting the process of creating peace in our world.

You see there are no victims here, only players in this game called life. Karmically, we are here to heal the errors of our ways.  Whether you decide to rise to the occasion is entirely up to you.  Your test may be to understand love, instead of running from it;  or understanding that money is a tool, not an energy that holds you back.  Your test may be regarding friendship or relationships with family.  We must come to peace with our biggest fears. 


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Colleen Chanel
International Singer, 
Recording Artist, Actress 

"I found this experience to be sacred, joyous, and uplifting. Dawn's gentle and bold nature of healing power was effective and supported the journey I was meant to experience in this lifetime. 

Do your soul a tremendous favor and allow her wand of light to transform your precious being."


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There is much to learn before graduating to the next higher level.  We must all learn about Universal Law.  We must count our blessings every day. There is always someone else out there who is worse off than ourselves.  We must be thankful for the good in our lives.  We must learn to admit when we are wrong.  We must learn to become truly humble, patient, and kind.  We must learn to respect others, even if we feel they are not respectable. That is their karma, their choice, and  it is not for us to judge.  We must learn to get angry when wrongs are committed and stand for truth and justice.  Please understand that this is a process.  You will not always pass your test the first time around but acknowledging that there is a lesson to be learned is half the battle and moves you closer to the glorious light that is coming full circle now. We must learn to trust those who are trustworthy and exclude those in our lives who we have allowed to cripple us.  If you choose to stay behind in darkness and in pain, I am thankful for your sacrifice.  Please do not doubt that there is a price to pay for the harm man has inflicted on his fellow man.  There are those who have karmically chosen to stay behind in order to rectify these wrongs.  However, it is Wand of Light's intent to get as many of God's children through the door as possible.

If you are willing to make a stand for yourself and accept all of your good, then welcome to the angelic, creative, and unlimited possibilities of the New World.

God wants all of his children to prosper, to be healed and whole.  There is only one you.  God did that for a reason.  Do not try to copy cat someone else's path.  Instead seek to find your place in the magnificent puzzle and create something all your own. 

Wand of Light is here to assist you through this process, not doing the work for you, but pointing you in the right direction, a gift only you can utilize.

I like to have fun creating this magical reality but am also willing to fight for justice.  This is the purpose of our experience on this planet.  What does not catch up to you now will eventually, if you are lying, cheating and stealing from others. The Universe and God keep track of all we do.  Karmically, some may be justified on some level to commit certain acts.  Universally there must be a balance and a price to pay for all acts. Some man-made laws are justified.  Many are being revised or eliminated entirely. Corporate corruption is being exposed, and so forth, and so on.

Our focus should be learning to live in the light, the blessed light that is now before us.   Knowledge is power, peace is free and so are we.   TAKE A STAND AND DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY TO DISCOVER HOW GREAT YOU TRULY ARE�.  



Master Healer, Revelationist and Life Coach

  Physician Heal Thy Self   Know Thy Self   Ask and Ye Shall Receive
Seek and Ye Shall Find   Knock and It Shall Be Opened Unto You 
Judge Not, That Ye Be Not Judged   Love Thy Neighbor as Thy Self

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